Jonathan Swift

The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Jonathan Swift, 18 vols.

General Editors: Claude Rawson, Yale University, Ian Higgins, Australian National University, David Womersley, University of Oxford

Cambridge University Press, ongoing publication.

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Until the CUP edition of a text appears, the standard edition remains, Herbert Davis et. al., eds. The Prose Writings of Jonathan Swift, 16 vols. (Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1939-74): the Correspondence, the definitive edition is that edited by David Woolley: The Intelligencer (with Sheridan), the standard edition is that edited by James Woolley: the poetry, the standard edition is usually taken to be Pat Rogers' edition, published in the U.S. by Yale University Press and elsewhere by Penguin. It is out of print, but as this writing details are at: