Eighteenth-Century Editions

This wiki is dedicated to identifying the standard editions of texts from the long eighteenth century. Hopefully this will be of particular help to students and scholars who have limited access to a variety of editions in their local libraries and are unable to compare them in person. It is not always true that the most authoritative edition is the most recent one, or the one that comes from a prestigious university press, or the one that has the most explanatory notes. This site is a place where readers and editors can debate which editions should be the first choice to refer to in scholarly works, give reasons why, and perhaps discuss the many issues behind what makes a text "authoritative" in the first place.

The wiki may also include recommendations and discussions of what editions make the best teaching texts for particular types of students. We can also make recommendations about standard biographies, authoritative bibliographies, and other relevant scholarly materials.

You are welcome to join and make your own contributions. You'll need to sign up for a free account on Wikispaces first. Please edit responsibly, and thank you in advance for sharing your scholarly experience and sound judgement with the wider community of C18 readers.

"In the end, there can be only one."
--The Highlander